Shellshock Rock and Self-Conscious Over You [15]

Thursday 8 Aug
Strand Arts Centre



Out of the heart of darkness that was Northern Ireland in 1978 shone a chink of light – punk rock. From both sides of the sectarian divide, the children of war came together to choose music over bombs and bullets. This special double-bill screening will give you a rare glimpse into this alternative Ulster – buzzing with luminous characters and creative energy.

In his global cult classic Shellshock Rock (1979), documentary maker John T. Davis captured the reactionary sounds of bands Stiff Little Fingers, Rudi, The Undertones and Protex. Davis’ subsequent film, Self-Conscious Over You (1980), is an invaluable record of the Good Vibrations benefit concert in the Ulster Hall. 

As a special festival event we will also be screening a short 8mm film recently discovered in an attic, recorded by John Roddy on a Cine Camera, of people attending the Pound Club in 1969. You never know who you might see! 

Suitable for ages 15+