Pop up Pharmacy 2018



















If you could give another person one great piece of advice what would it be?  What would you say to someone who is feeling a bit lonely or unhappy to cheer them up?

We are asking people to think about; What makes them happy? Where is their favourite place or thing to do in East Belfast and why?  What song or piece of music makes them happy?  What is their idea of a perfect day?  What is their favourite thing to eat?

The Pop up Pharmacy will encourage local residents to create and contribute pieces of art, craft and other small, meaningful items which will be collated in a purpose-built pharmacy installation. When the People’s Pharmacy is open on Saturday 4th August, (running in conjunction with the EastSide Arts Festival Fun Day), local residents will be able to visit the pharmacy and receive a “prescription” created by another east Belfast Resident.

This project aims to; connect local individuals and community groups by working together on a joint project that introduces social prescribing in a fun way and raise awareness of health and wellbeing needs and opportunities through the arts and subtle promotion of the Take 5 message.

Some ideas of what people could contribute are; a photograph, recipe, poem, story drawing, painting, walking route, knitted or crochet gifts and so much more. 

We are working in partnership with EBCDA so to find more information on how to get involved simply contact Alison by email alison@ebcda.org